Pupil Premium 2017- 2018

Pupil Premium – Use and Impact at Riverwalk School

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The Pupil Premium is an additional funding provided by the Dfe that is allocated to specific groups of children between the ages of 5 and 16, who may be disadvantaged by virtue of family circumstances. It is used to support their progress and attainment.

This funding is received for pupils who are:

  1. Eligible for free school meals
  2. “Looked After” i.e. in care or fostered
  3. From a service family i.e. Army, Navy or RAF

Riverwalk Allocation

The profile of eligible pupils at Riverwalk School is as follows.

Pupils Percentage of school cohort
Eligible for Free School Meals 24.6%
Looked After Children 5.5%
Service Children 0.8%

Riverwalk will receive a total of £33,345 for the current year 2017-2018.

In the year 2017 -18 Riverwalk received £33,275.

The pupil premium funding is not necessarily intended to be specifically allocated to individual pupils. Schools have the freedom to decide how it can be best spent to ensure that the maximum numbers of pupils are supported. The impact of the individual sums of £ 1,320 per primary child and £935 for secondary pupil may be limited. Therefore at Riverwalk School we have pooled the allocated monies to maximise impact for specific projects focused on the needs of the pupils who are included in the government funding calculation.

Pupil Premium Funded Activities for Academic Year 2017 - 18

All teaching staff receive a data report which identifies the pupils who qualify for Pupil Premium Funding.  This is separate from the termly meeting PEP (Personal Education Plan) for pupils who receive LAC Funding. This funding is allocated with the carers and the social worker, and reviewed as part of that process.
In January and May each teacher reviews the progress of the pupils in their class, and where a Raising Achievement Plan is required they identify the use of Pupil Premium funding to support the targets that have been set.  We set aside a small amount of funding for teachers to purchase resources designed to maximise motivation and engagement in learning.


Allocation within a Raising Achievement Plan


Allocated as a part of on-going provision


Allocation Total

Pupils working within levels P1-3

Access to sensory stories.


Switches and switch activated toys.

£ 5,500


Pupils working within levels P4 -6

Resources for drama and art projects.


Specialist SEND training.

Communication Cafe.



Pupils working within levels P7 – L1

Resources for drama and art projects.

Staffing for daily session for Spring Half Term using Lexia.




Maths Resources.

Additional staff to support maths learning.










Impact Statement

At Riverwalk School we celebrate the good progress and the achievements of all our pupils, including those who are eligible for Free school meals and those who are “Looked After Children” .

We have systems in place that track and monitor pupil progress. We also set individual targets for pupils that are reviewed regularly.

The data presented below demonstrates the high levels of progress made by our pupils. It is expected that 25% of pupils achieve their aspirational target, and year on year in the majority of areas it is at least 50% up to 75%.  In 2016/7 the children who qualify for pupil premium were less successful in maths, and particularly shape space and measure became the targeted area for using the funding.  This has lifted attainment in line with the whole school. 

Percentage of pupils meeting their Upper Quartile targets measured against Progression Guidance Data sets

Pupils Reading Writing Number Shape Using Science
Overall School 2017 71% 54% 61% 57% 61% 54%
Overall School 2018 67% 59% 59% 74% 78% 58%
Free school Meals 2017 82% 56% 65% 53% 76% 63%
Free school Meals 2018 57% 57% 64% 73% 77% 45%
LAC 2017 80% 40% 80% 83% 80% 60%
LAC 2018 67% 50% 83% 67% 83% 83%

Pupil Premium Funded Activities for Academic Year 2017/8

Following the analysis of pupil data, it was concluded that there was a need to raise pupil engagement in learning within the areas of speaking and listening, writing, and science for pupils with pupil premium.  From our analysis of pupil progress against engagement we know that behaviour for learning directly impacts upon progress.  Many of the pupils learning barriers include a motivational barrier caused by difficulties with communication, and imagination.  For this reason, the Engagement Profile is used to inform the school curriculum (see SEND Report) and is the basis for planning and evaluating progress for the pupils with the most complex needs.
In order to build upon the effective use of Pupil Premium which had a significant impact upon progress in reading across the Key Stages, we are following a similar approach which involves changes in practice and resources that have sustainability.  For the current academic year we are continuing  to implement a research based training programme that develops the skills of teachers and teaching assistants in using drama, music and art to provide motivation and communication for learning.  A Nationally published expert in drama and art, and Senior Lecturer in Education specifically SEND has been employed to work particularly with new teaching staff to develop the engagement in learning of the pupils.  This is a very unique opportunity to bring a national leading practitioner into the classroom on a weekly basis.

To increase the use of communication and engagement in the classroom a communication café is run by the school, and the cost of the purchased items is supported by pupil premium funding so that every child takes part.

Expected pupil premium for the academic year 2018/9

Pupil premium Income Expenditure
Pupil premium funding for pupils who are in care and qualify for additional resources through completion of a PEP. £14,150 £14,150
Pupil Premium. £33,275  
Additional clever-touch screens for the classrooms in EYFS and K Stage 1.   £10,000
Pupil specific resources to support teacher training.   £10,000
Specialist SEND lead tutor   £9, 944

Jan Hatchell
October 2018

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